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Message: 1
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 06:56:56 -0000
From: "dtsgoddess"
Subject: Letters to Her...With Love From Us

My wife is a wonderful woman, a beautiful woman…so many things to
me. We hope to find a woman that shares her beauty and strength.
She is a wonderful mother…lover…and friend.

Our desire to find her comes from a recognition of woman's great
abilities, qualities…but especially capacity to love and care for
what is dear to them. And so, we search for her…

She will love my wife…be her best friend…as close as women can be.
They trust each other. They want each other. They know each others
minds, dreams, emotions…because they continually grow and share
themselves with one another.

I want and need all of these things for both of you. You and she
are deserving of that beautiful friendship.

I want and need all of these things for myself. The most valuable
thing to me is intelligent, beautiful women.

As the strongest of men, my purpose is to love and protect them. I
will provide them everything they need and want, as they will for me.

To be as plain as possible, my desire is for these things.
For you both to have a love of your own.
For us all to have a love together.
For us to raise children together.
To share the most intimate everything with each other.

I will be honored to be chosen by these beautiful women.


Since you have already by now read His Letter, you will hopefully be
interested enough to continue and read mine.

I want to share with you some of my own thoughts, wishes, hopes and
dreams. To have you become a part of our life and to enjoy what we
offer to you and you offer to us in return.

I want her to be what she can be to me. What I know that I can be
to you. Your friend, your lover, your mate and most of all, to
share him with you.

He is the joy and light of my life. He is a phenomenal lover,
father, friend and so much more. It is hard to explain sometimes
when the words will not come to me. I am a writer by nature and my
words generally flow easily. However, there are times when the
thoughts and feeling for him overflow and I cannot say what I need
to. So I find other ways to share what I feel and want to say. You
understand this and can comprehend the depth of feelings that occur
so naturally when one loves this deeply.

You will want to share life with us. Mentally, emotionally and
physically. Taking time to learn, to expand the relationship and to
bring it to the utmost it can be between us all.

To live in the freedom of knowing that you are loved by us and love
us in return. I want to wake beside you and he, to love in the
early morning light, the afternoons and the evenings. Whenever we
feel the need to have each other.

To know your touch and caresses, for you to know mine and then for
us both to know his. Equals, all of us. Stretching the limits of
what society considers the norm. Loving yourself, him and I brings
us all what we so desire.

You must be smart, beautiful, although true beauty comes from within
not just physical beauty itself, be willing to put as much of
yourself in the relationship as we do. Be open minded to every
avenue of life and lifestyles. Be willing and able to comprehend
that there will be difficulties and that discussion, compromise and
a willingness to keep working towards common goals is the key to
making it all work. Above all, we value honesty, logic and
rationale, you should as well.

Value exchange and hard work to earn the things that we want and
need is what we do on a daily basis and to attain the lifestyle that
we want, we work towards the day when we have our own land and our
own home designed and built specifically for us by us.

Nurturing and growing our family together, both through natural
means and through adoption of other children up to and including
other adults who may or may not be a part of our family community.

Be willing to treat ALL children the same, not favoring one above
another and to that end, help in raising those children to become
the most wonderful adults that they can be.

I want these things for all of us. For myself, for you and for
him. We know what we want and we would love the opportunity to
enrich all of our lives by sharing ours with you.




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