Polyamory Newsletter, Volume 1, February, 2005 
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, Focalizer, World Polyamory Association and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.
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Kira's Intro:

February's flurries were more than snowflakes for me and my tribe as members, new and old, flew winter's weary coup and winged their way to poly paradise. Three weeks felt like three months as our triad (Sasha, Shivaya and I) pulled out all stops and plunged headlong into conscious (sometimes), intentional (perhaps), intense (for sure), lively (oh yeah), community (common-unity, (I think).

We had four couples, a single man and a single woman, under our roof within a three-week period. Then as if that mix wasn't interesting enough, we threw in a couple dozen guests along the way. We only had three huge emotional blow-ups (outside of the therapy, processing and constant communicating we normally do anyway) and only one of the upsets was mine (thank God!). We lost one couple in the macademia nut grove, but found them later, so that was ok. Another couple got stuck in the mud with a car full of groceries. We were just about to let them experience a "wild night in the Maui
jungle", but decided to rescue them before the ice cream melted (yum).

Two couples heading for divorce before they came here decided, after processing with us and seeing how poly's process, to stay together. Who says polyamory doesn't save marriages? One monogamous couple took the poly plunge last day before they got on the plane. They ran off with one of our guest couples. We didn't mind.

We had fun. We learned lots. I never laughed so hard, cried so deep, had so little sleep. My head's still spinning. I'm excited. I'm exhausted yet at the same time feel renewed. My eyes are open and have a greater apprecation for every little thing in my life. I highly recommend it. I'd definitely be more prepared next time before undertaking an experiment of this degree in my home again. 

So... next time, your place! Better yet, join us at one of our conferences where I don't have to wash the sheets!


Contents of this Polyamory Newsletter
POLYAMORY: A HIGH SPIRITUAL PATH article by Janet Kira Lessin
2.  BIJA BLISS BONDING Tantra Energy Exchange Exercise to Do with a Lover by Sasha Lessin
3.  RETURN TO THE TRIBE : Weeklong Day Polyamory Gathering  April 20 - 26, 2005
.  CELEBRATE RELATIONSHIP CHOICE: Harbin Hot Springs CA Poly Conference  June 17-19, 2005

5.  POLYAMORY CONNECTION: Poly Dating, Educational Support Group, Maui 
POLYAMORY: THE MAGAZINE - Contributions and Staff Sought

Polyamory, loving more than one, is my path to enlightenment.  As a poly, I dump my self-limiting old paradigm nonsense, dump my emotional baggage, clear my chakras, open my crown to higher consciousness, crank up kundalini and experience ecstasy.  I renounce drama, trauma and multi-generational dysfunction, release societal scripts that sour me, poison inter-personal relationships, imprints that weaken my community, country and world.  I renounce domestic quarrels, crime and war.  

If you follow a poly path as I have, multi-partnering provides many people-mirrors.  Many people mirroring you shatter your illusions.  They create endless opportunities you to become aware of  your bullshit--the games and unthinking reactions you unconsciously use to protect your vulnerability and keep relations inauthentic.  Whereas in monogamy, you could fool or bully one partner with an inauthentic facade, in polyamory, you can't get away with such phoniness.  Even three's crowd enough to help alert you to where you might want to correct defensive behaviors that no longer serve you and your loved ones. 

Become conscious of your words, actions and behavior and you're on the fast track to spiritual evolution. Perhaps you're unconscious and unaware when you go emotionally overboard or project your discomfort outward onto others.  If you project, you hurt others. Polyamorous relationships give you unlimited opportunities to become aware through open, authentic, honest feedback.  In poly loving, you discover where you fall short and are not totally present.  When you pay attention to the feedback you get and hear it with the loving intention in which it's given, you create a new paradigm for growth and healing, in, among, and between yourself and your lovers.

In two days a lover (with whom I've had intercourse) returns on his semi-annual visit to our home. He brings with him a new lover (whom I've met once, aligned chakras with in the nude and kissed).  We hope to go deeper.  We'll be joined with two other lovers (with whom I've had intercourse) and their friends (or girlfriends, they haven't decided). 

Today I received a phone call from yet another lover (with whom I played orally) and his triad has expanded to a sixsome. I've had intercourse with one other member of his family, eye-gazed with yet another and not met the other three (which I hope to someday).  My family is rather large.  We are connected, somehow, spiritually, intimately.  We can't really even figure it out. We just notice, observe what's real, what is.

The point being, whether or not I've had sex with this person or that doesn't matter.  Whether or not I've kissed, sucked, fucked or otherwise shared energy doesn't matter either.  Whether or not this part went in that part ain't it either.  The important thing is that somehow all these people are my lovers.  And that's not the end of it, I'm sure.  The rest will be sorted out over time. Where does it end?  Or does it?

What's really important is that we're free.  We're free to chose.  We're open to one another, and while we may or may not put this part into that, we are family, joined in spirit, heart, mind and soul, taking ourselves and this planet on a light-speed, super-charged rocket to the future.  We're paradigm busters, creating new realities, blowing apart the myth that love's oh-so limited. 

We're not alone. Our new model shines like a bright beacon and subconsciously, telepathically, people are drawn to us.  From near and far, they come our way.  This movement is HUGE, wide and ever-expanding.  This is the human story, been with us all along, only now being recognized as truth's revealed through DNA analysis, counseling, conferences and the world wide web.  

The Christian coalition, moral majority and religious right may seek to make us wrong.  But we know who we are and love ourselves for being real. In response the universe provides us with Liberated Christians, emancipated minority and the spiritual left.  You gotta love the show. It's bright, passionate and colorful.  In the end, the truth will set us free.  All of us. 

People do one thing while professing the other.  Even conservatives aren't faring very well from the hypocrisy all around them. The divorce rate is skyrocketing.  Lying and cheating hurt.  Nuclear family dead or dying.  Single parents overwhelmed.  More and more people are married and miserable or worse yet, married and cheating. Or which is really worse?  Sexual frustration leads to domestic violence, crime and war.  This medicated generation seems ‘bout to lose their minds.  None of those atrocities serve any of us in the long run; even those who in the short run seem to profit from war. 

While the truth may set us free, problem is truth's different based on individual perspectives which are as wide and as diverse as they can possibly be.  We're all functioning in our own realities.  We just need to live and let live. 

Let us be, then we're all free to be who we truly are.  If we can be who we are, are known and accepted as we are, then we can truly know love. For to know oneself is to love oneself.  To know another fully is to truly love them.  Right now we're trying to love a bunch of facades and thus we're utterly frustrated and totally confused.  I think we're over-ripe for a change.

This weekend I'll do my part.  I'll face my fears, address insecurities and battle green-eyed monsters.  I'll test myself to  see what stuff I'm really made of.  My poly group gathers to grow once again.  We grow in numbers. We grow spiritually as we clear the karma of our collective. Our coming together is certain to trigger someone.  More than likely me.  But who knows?  No matter how much work I do on myself, no matter how much therapizing, analyzing and dissection I do on myself to see what makes me tick, I still now and again surprise myself.

Emotions are not logical and I certainly can be totally illogical.  But when the right people come together and all clicks, energy flows, hearts open.  In those moments, I know why I'm doing this for there's nothing higher than love.  When lovers who deeply love one another get together with others who love just as deep, the combination and sacred geometry they create cracks the cosmic egg and shifts the morphogenic field.  Birds sing, angels soar and God smiles as she sees her children united as one.

Polyamory keeps love young, alive, electric and juicy.  Our tantric circle of polyamorous lovers make lovemaking sacred.  Our union's a ritual of divine reverence designed to honor each of us as we bring the best of our best, our highest love and greatest joy to our spiritual, sacred circle. 

While I do have my monogamous moments, I can't imagine life without my sacred poly circles.  My circle, ever changing, ever grows.  Sometimes it's just three. Sometimes it's more. I may touch only one; I may touch only me.  I may touch them all but whatever I do, with whomever I do it, is always my choice. I do what suits me in the moment for that's the only time that's right.  Coming from choice, always sensing what's true in the now allows me to show up fully and let go with total joy and abandon.  I'm there for them, there for me. Free. Totally me.

May our circle be unbroken as it expands to encompass the world.  May someday my circle touch and entwine with yours.  

2.  BIJA BLISS BONDING Tantra Energy Exchange Exercise to Do with a Lover by Sasha Lessin

Nude, Shiva-man and Shakti-woman or two men and two women lovers, sit on cushions (or edge of a bed) facing each other. If a male-female pair, Shakti, drape your legs over Shiva’s thighs; bring your feet together behind his tailbone. Press his penis (soft or stiff) to your labia or clitoris, or into your vagina.

Rest your left hands on each others’ lower back; right, behind your lover’s heart. Together, you’ll chant and, as you do, waken each of your energy centers, your chakras.

In one voice, CHANT THE NAMES OF THE CHAKRAS, in a chant known as the Bija Mantra. You chant each chakra name (Lam, Yam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Ooo, and Mmm) three times. Beam energy from each name you chant to your partner’s corresponding chakra.

Lam: Together, chant "Lam" three times.  Feel the energy at the bottom of your spine.  Align this perennial (base, root) chakra energy with your sweetheart's. Exchange energy from your Lam chakras.  Send your beloved pictures and feelings of safety, health and security as you exhale three loud "Lam"s.  Receive your partner’s "Lam" vibrations when you inhale.

Vam: Rock your genitals gently against each other. Think of the most sexually and sensually pleasant experiences you’ve had with each other. Chant "Vam" three times together as you focus on the sensations and emotions as you caress through eyes and genitals, wishing one another sensual fulfillment.

Ram: Push your navels together, feel your own power, send empowering images and encouraging thoughts out your solar plexuses to each others’.

Yam: Chant "Yam" three times as you share heart light, love and courage.

Ham: As you open your throats, chant "Ham" three times in unison, wishing each other authentic expression and joyous song, committing, with each "Ham" to listen kindly and actively to teach other.

Ooo: Join your foreheads and look into each others’ eyes until your partner’s two eyes converge visually into a single eye. Imagine a pastlife your partner might have had. Imagine how they might be if they became their very best for the next decade. Then chant "Ooo" three times. As you "Ooo", wish your partner clarity, intuition and creativity.

Mmm: Imagine you stream energy between your crown and your beloved's. Imagine your minds meld into a synergistic mutual mind. Then transcend your personal pairing and merge with pastlife lovers, the lover archetype, the loving force in the Universe.

Three times now, on a single exhale each time, chant the entire Bija Mantra together, "Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Ooo, Mmm." Imagine your energies join in ever more refined auric bodies. 

3.  RETURN TO THE TRIBE : Weeklong Day Polyamory Gathering  April 20 - 26, 2005

The World Polyamory Association's Southeast Conference, Return To The Tribe: A Weeklong Polyamorous Community will be at Orange Springs Retreat Center, Orange Springs, FL in Central Florida.  

Co-create The World Polyamory Association's Southeast Conference, Return To The Tribe, a six-day experiential Polyamorous Community at Orange Springs Retreat, Central Florida. Together, we enjoy interactive workshops on kind, authentic communication, pair-bonding, romantic love, multiple-partner sexuality and choreographing the dance of poly loving.

Participate in discussions and playshops on community building and maintenance, jealousy management, compersion, coming out, bisexuality, poly rights and polyamous childrearing challenges. Network, party, play, exchange massages, practice tantra and attend daily yoga classes.

Each day, Return to the Tribe begins, for early risers, with Sasha Lessin’s yoga and meditation class.  The first day, Monday, April 20, we join small (6 -12 person) groups (pods). Our pod support us getting what we want at the conference and in life.  Each morning, after yoga and breakfast, our pods meet and we each talk with our pod mates about what we're learn about poly loving.  Then, till 1PM, we enjoy Part 1 of the main interactive presentation of the day. 

After our pods meet Monday, Voice Dialogue facilitators Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin lead Choreographing Your Inner Voices in Polyamorous Life, a powerful exploration of the subselves within us that influence how we do poly.  Then we eat lunch and shmooze, snooze or make love till 3 PM. 

After lunch, we return for Part 2 of the day’s community experience; the first day, we return for the second part of the Lessins'  Voice Dialogue presentation and learn how our inner voices interact with those of our poly partners, sour, and can be re-sweetened by sharing our vulnerabilities and embracing within us underdeveloped subselves our partners exhibit in soured communication. 

Evenings after dinner at "Return to the Tribe" involve fun, play, dance, ceremonies, celebrations and opportunities for connecting.  When the afternoon experience concludes, we dine and, after dinner, the same presenter, or another presenter (or entertainer), leads a joyous movement experience, guided massage or tantra ritual.

Each day at "Return to the Tribe" we experiment in aspects of polyamous living, compassionate and effective communication, coming out to non-polys, raising polys' kids in the uptight world, multiperson tantra, sharing resources and tasks, live-in partner protection, and more.  We move from experience to experience together, in plenary sessions orchestrated to build community.

 After a week of immersing ourselves in the process, with love, warm fuzzies and fun, we experience the possibilities of a poly-friendly world that works

Presenters so far include Dave Doleshal, Harold Hari Das Kornylak and Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin,

Drive forty minutes to Orange Springs from Ocala and Gainesville and ninety minutes from Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. The Orange Springs center embraces 100 acres of hills edging Ocala National Forest. Cabins here--mostly doubles–share a bathroom. Some private rooms are also available.

We're currently seeking presenters for this conference.  If you're interested in being a presenter, fill out our PRESENTER'S APPLICATION

4. CELEBRATE RELATIONSHIP CHOICE: Harbin Hot Springs CA Poly Conference  June 17-19, 2005

The World Polyamory Association's Northern California Conference, Celebrate Relationship Choice, will be at Harbin Hot Springs, CA (June 17-19, 2005) in Middleton, located about two hours from both San Francisco and Sacramento.  Harbin's located on 1200 acres of beautiful canyon land. It offers natural healing waters (hot, warm and cold pools), miles of hiking trails, and a variety of workshops, classes and events every week.  Harbin is a clothes-optional facility.

The Harbin poly conference includes interactive workshops on pair bonding, romantic love, multiple-partner sexuality and choreographing the dance of poly loving. There will be panel discussions, jealousy management experiments, opportunities for networking, a fun party and a many opportunities to experience living compersion–empathy for others' love-joy.  Participants will move from experience to experience together, in plenary sessions orchestrated to build community.

For More Information:  http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/conferences/HarbinHotSprings2005/harbin_hot_springs_index.html
Discounted price includes meals and tent/seminar space accommodations: http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/forms/Harbin2005/harbin_registration_form.html
Register now and save. Prices go up each month.


POLYAMORY CONNECTION is an ongoing poly dating club, support group and  interactive relationship class on polyamory (contemporaneously loving more than one in intimate, candid relationships).  For more information:  http://schooloftantra.com/Groups/PolyamoryConnection/PolyamoryConnection.htm

6.  PASSION & POLY PLAY IN PARADISE - MAUI, HI - First Weekend of the Month
Saturday 9AM - 5PM, Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Celebrate love and passion in a weekend journey to sacred sexuality, where playful spirits enjoy tantric energy exchanges, partnering, lovemaking, sharing, compassionate communication and more. Our blend of tantra practices combined with modern transformative, spiritual sexuality exercises and Jungian psychology give you hands-on experiences, reverent relationship rituals, inspirational demonstrations, fun-filled fantasy fulfillments, play parties and coached coupling. Choreograph the dance of yin and yang at each chakra. Advance your consciousness, improve pairing and model love more. Connect deeper with your partner or find new love. This tantra playshop is ideal for beginners. 

Singles $200
, Couples $300, 808-244-4103 to register, Registration Form, email schooloftantra@aol.com



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