MBER: Hello everyone!  My name is Mber Rose (Ember) and I am seeking a sponsor(s) so that I can attend the August 22-26, 2005 Tantra Practitoner Event (LEVEL I: CERTIFIED TANTRA PRACTITONER).  Thank you for considering sponsoring me, and for being so generous if you do! I love you in advance!

Here’s a little about me.  I am a single lady, and intend to explore sexual enlightenment, specifically polyamory. I am in the mode of looking for my fabulous partner so we can explore this together, so presently I am not sexually active.

 I used to sing for the U.S.  Air Force Glen Miller Band in Japan and traveled around Asia. I quit the Air Force to pursue stardom and was successful! I was featured with my original song “Too Late” in a Sony commercial which aired in Japan for 3 months. But then I started becomming depressed for an unknown reason, came back to the U.S. to recover, and within two months I had a stroke. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I was told that I would not sing nor walk again, but knew I would.  I was put into a brain injury shelter to recover, and I became very, very small and self-conscious. 

Then I had a spiritual awakening that begun an explosion!  All of a sudden I was pursuing every kind of self-development or spiritual program I could get my hands on. Landmark Education, the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Liberty League, etc., with the intention of having the rest of my life be about making the biggest impact I can on the world. I recovered from my stroke 100%.

I am presently in transition back to singing. And now I have ideas for what I would like to do through singing to make my impact. I would like through my speaking and singing to spark a mass movement to enlightenment! I will share my experiences, and I intend to explore and share about love and human sexuality.  I need to develop myself in this area, and that’s why I want to come and be with you fabulous Gods and Goddesses this summer!

I am in need of airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation, which I believe would cost $2000. Thank you so much for reading this and being interested in what I'm up to. I'm visualizing seeing you all this summer!


MATEYLA: 39 Year Big Beautiful Poly-Goddess seeks Polymale companion to attend School of Tantra’s LEVEL I: CERTIFIED TANTRA PRACTITONER, August 22-27, 2005 ( for POSSIBLE Twinflame/Soulmate Love, Monogamous/Polyamorous Marriage and Tantric Lifestyle.
Rules of engagement are:

1. You need to know you are love
2. You need to be completely honest
3. You need to completely and fully accept everything about me and how I feel about any intimate act without question weather it is a green light or a red light.
4. Love fully in the moment, moment to moment
5. Take full accountability for the choices you make and full accountability for the love you make
6. Be able to receive all of the above from me and be completely loved no matter what forever.
7. A wicked sense of humor would be nice too!!!!!!!!!!!

Serious Inquiries Only



AMBER - Amber's personally written profile and photo's coming soon. However, I can tell you that Amber's a tall, voluptous, gorgeous, sexy, erotic, exotic, Celtic Goddess, Tantrica now living in Chicago but soon relocating to Maui, Hawaii to be a part of the School of Tantra and our Maui Synergy Community.  She's awesome.  You don't want to miss Amber wherever she goes as she lights up the place and makes it electrifying!

Kira ~ 


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